Small Business Saturday Whitepaper

Free marketing insights for small business owners

Targeting Small Business Saturday Shoppers?

Before you can persuade your audience, you need to know your audience – and not just their past behaviors. In this free whitepaper you’ll learn how to focus your marketing message on those consumers who are passionate about what you sell, and what they intend to purchase in the next 12 months.

Download AudienceSCAN’s free white paper for 12 key facts about Small Business Saturday Shoppers and how your marketing can increase sales this November.

Small Business Saturday Shoppers 2015 includes:

  • 12 facts, stats and insights for targeting this audience that may surprise you!
  • Insights into this audience’s shopping behavior, media usage, purchase intent and more.
  • Implications and best practices for marketers to connect with Small Business Saturday Shoppers.

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