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27% are Listening to Pandora but App Reach Remains Stagnant

It was a strong year for Facebook-owned mobile apps, but not so for some other top applications, according to a MarketingCharts review of comScore data. Each month comScore publishes a ranking of the top 15 apps by reach among adult smartphone mobile media users (iOS and Android platforms), with the top apps typically dominated by Facebook and Google properties.[...]

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People Stay Up Late for Their Tumblr Feeds

Nielsen asked, "What times of day are key social and messaging apps most heavily used?" Facebook Messenger, Instagram and Twitter all show similar usage curves during a typical day, though Tumblr tends to see heavier usage in the late evening and early morning hours, reveals Nielsen in a recent analysis.[...]

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38% of Connected Homes are Amazon Prime Members

Amazon Prime is in nearly 41 million U.S. households. That means about 2 of every 5 U.S. homes connected to the web have Amazon Prime subscriptions, a new estimate says. Approximately 10 million U.S. households joined Inc.’s Prime program between December 2014 and December 2015, pushing total U.S. subscribers to nearly 41 million, according to a new estimate from Cowen & Co. investment bankers.[...]

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189 Million Americans Expected to Watch Super Bowl 50

An estimated 188.9 million football fans, foodies and social butterflies plan to watch the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers battle it out for the Super Bowl 50 championship title, up from the estimated 183.7 million who planned to watch last year. And, according to NRF’s Super Bowl Spending Survey, those celebrating will spend slightly more than they did for the 2015 Super Bowl.[...]

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