Audience Intelligence Available on AdMall and AdMall for Agencies

Buying PreferencesAmerica First Shoppers
Buying PreferencesBack to School Shoppers
Buying PreferencesBBB Checkers
Buying PreferencesBlack Friday Shoppers
Buying PreferencesChain Store Shoppers
Buying PreferencesChronic Pain Sufferers
Buying PreferencesCoupon Users
Buying PreferencesDiabetics
Buying PreferencesDigital Coupon Users
Buying PreferencesDrug Store Shoppers
Buying PreferencesE-commerce Avoiders
Buying PreferencesFlea Market Shoppers
Buying PreferencesFood Allergy Sufferers
Buying PreferencesFrequent Grocery Shoppers
Buying PreferencesFrequent Retail/Mall Shoppers
Buying PreferencesGreen Shoppers
Buying PreferencesHealthy/Organic Shoppers
Buying PreferencesHeavy Daily Deal Purchasers
Buying PreferencesLocal First Shoppers
Buying PreferencesOnline Shoppers
Buying PreferencesOutlet Mall Shoppers
Buying PreferencesPawn Shop Customers
Buying PreferencesPrice Conscious Shoppers
Buying PreferencesPrincipled Shoppers
Buying PreferencesProduct Party Shoppers
Buying PreferencesQuality First Shoppers
Buying PreferencesResale/Consignment Shoppers
Buying PreferencesShowroomers
Buying PreferencesSmall Business Saturday Shoppers
Buying PreferencesStore Brand Buyers
Buying PreferencesStore Circular Users
Buying PreferencesStore Loyal Shoppers
Buying PreferencesVegetarians/Vegans
Buying PreferencesWarehouse/Shopping Club Members
Causes Charities+ClubsAlternative Energy Users
Causes Charities+ClubsAnimal Cause Supporters
Causes Charities+ClubsArts Supporters
Causes Charities+ClubsAutomobile Service Club Members
Causes Charities+ClubsCancer research/prevention supporters
Causes Charities+ClubsCause Marketing Responders
Causes Charities+ClubsCause/Charity Volunteers
Causes Charities+ClubsChurch/Synagogue/Religious Group Members
Causes Charities+ClubsCivic/Service Club Members
Causes Charities+ClubsCredit Union Members
Causes Charities+ClubsDisaster relief Supporters
Causes Charities+ClubsEducation Cause Supporters
Causes Charities+ClubsEnvironmental Cause Supporters
Causes Charities+ClubsFitness Club/Gym Members
Causes Charities+ClubsFraternal Lodge Members
Causes Charities+ClubsGay Issues Supporters
Causes Charities+ClubsGolf/Tennis/Swimming/Country Club Members
Causes Charities+ClubsGun Club/NRA Members
Causes Charities+ClubsHealth+Disease Charity Supporters (non-Cancer)
Causes Charities+ClubsHomeless/Poverty Charity Supporters
Causes Charities+ClubsInternational Aid/Peace Supporters
Causes Charities+ClubsMuseum/Arts Group Members
Causes Charities+ClubsNaturalist Organization Members
Causes Charities+ClubsPolitical Campaign Contributors
Causes Charities+ClubsProfessional Trade Association Members
Causes Charities+ClubsPTO/PTA Members
Causes Charities+ClubsPublic broadcasting Supporters
Causes Charities+ClubsReligious organizations/Ministry Supporters
Causes Charities+ClubsSports-related Cause/Organization Supporters
Causes Charities+ClubsUnion Members
Causes Charities+ClubsVeterans Club Members
Causes Charities+ClubsYouth-related Cause Supporters
DiningBakery Customers
DiningBeer Drinkers
DiningBottled Water Drinkers
DiningCocktail/Liquor Drinkers
DiningCoffee Drinkers
DiningCoffee Shop Customers
DiningDeli/Sandwich Shop Customers
DiningEnergy Drink Consumers
DiningFast Food Lovers
DiningFrequent Bar Patrons
DiningFrequent Diners
DiningIce Cream Shop Customers
DiningMilk Drinkers
DiningMother's Day Diners
DiningNew Year's Eve Celebrators at Hotel/Bar/Restaurant
DiningPizza Lovers
DiningSmoothie/Fruit Juice Drinkers
DiningSoft Drink Consumers
DiningSports Drink Consumers
DiningSt. Patrick's Day Bar Patrons
DiningTea Drinkers
DiningThanksgiving Diners
DiningValentine's Day Celebrators at Hotel/Restaurant
DiningWine Drinkers
DiningWinery/Vineyard Visitors
Events AttendedArts Festival Attendees
Events AttendedAuto Show Attendees
Events AttendedBallet/Artistic Dance Performance Attendees
Events AttendedBoat Show Attendees
Events AttendedBroadway-Style Musical Attendees
Events AttendedCommunity/College Theater Performance Attendees
Events AttendedConcert Attendees
Events AttendedEthnic Festival Attendees
Events AttendedFilm Festival Attendees
Events AttendedGun Show Attendees
Events AttendedHealth Fair/Expo Attendees
Events AttendedHoliday Parade Attendees
Events AttendedHome/Garden Show Attendees
Events AttendedIndependence Day Fireworks Attendees
Events AttendedJob Fair Attendees
Events AttendedLocal Community Festival Attendees
Events AttendedPet Show/Expo Attendees
Events AttendedProfessional Conference or Motivational Seminar Attendees
Events AttendedSmall Business Workshop/Expo Attendees
Events AttendedState or County Fair Attendees
Events AttendedSymphony Jazz or Orchestra Performance Attendees
Ethnic+Lifestage InterestsActive Voters
Ethnic+Lifestage InterestsAffluent
Ethnic+Lifestage InterestsAfrican Americans
Ethnic+Lifestage InterestsAsians
Ethnic+Lifestage InterestsCatholics
Ethnic+Lifestage InterestsChristians
Ethnic+Lifestage InterestsCity Dwellers
Ethnic+Lifestage InterestsDads
Ethnic+Lifestage InterestsDemocrats
Ethnic+Lifestage InterestsFiscal Conservatives
Ethnic+Lifestage InterestsFiscal Liberals
Ethnic+Lifestage InterestsFluent in Spanish
Ethnic+Lifestage InterestsGay/Bisexual/Lesbian/Transgender
Ethnic+Lifestage InterestsHispanics: English-speaking
Ethnic+Lifestage InterestsHomeowners
Ethnic+Lifestage InterestsIndependent Voters
Ethnic+Lifestage InterestsJewish
Ethnic+Lifestage InterestsLarge Households (5 or more)
Ethnic+Lifestage InterestsLower Income
Ethnic+Lifestage InterestsMen
Ethnic+Lifestage InterestsModerates
Ethnic+Lifestage InterestsMoms
Ethnic+Lifestage InterestsMormons
Ethnic+Lifestage InterestsNew to the Market
Ethnic+Lifestage InterestsParents of Adult Children Living at Home
Ethnic+Lifestage InterestsParents of Children 5-9
Ethnic+Lifestage InterestsParents of Children Under 5
Ethnic+Lifestage InterestsParents of Pre-Teens
Ethnic+Lifestage InterestsParents of Teenagers
Ethnic+Lifestage InterestsParents: All
Ethnic+Lifestage InterestsRenters
Ethnic+Lifestage InterestsRepublicans
Ethnic+Lifestage InterestsRetirees
Ethnic+Lifestage InterestsRural Residents
Ethnic+Lifestage InterestsSeniors
Ethnic+Lifestage InterestsSingles
Ethnic+Lifestage InterestsSocial Conservatives
Ethnic+Lifestage InterestsSocial Liberals
Ethnic+Lifestage InterestsStudents: Full-time
Ethnic+Lifestage InterestsStudents: Part-time
Ethnic+Lifestage InterestsStudents: Soon-to-be College Graduates
Ethnic+Lifestage InterestsSuburbanites
Ethnic+Lifestage InterestsU.S. Adults
Ethnic+Lifestage InterestsWomen
Fitness+Exercise ActivitiesAerobics/Fitness Class Members
Fitness+Exercise ActivitiesBasketball Players
Fitness+Exercise ActivitiesBicyclists
Fitness+Exercise ActivitiesBoaters/Sailers/Water Skiers
Fitness+Exercise ActivitiesBowlers
Fitness+Exercise ActivitiesCampers/Hikers
Fitness+Exercise ActivitiesFishers
Fitness+Exercise ActivitiesGolfers
Fitness+Exercise ActivitiesHockey Players
Fitness+Exercise ActivitiesHorseback Riders
Fitness+Exercise ActivitiesHunting/Shooting Sports Enthisiasters
Fitness+Exercise ActivitiesIce/Roller Skaters
Fitness+Exercise ActivitiesMartial Artists
Fitness+Exercise ActivitiesRock Climbers
Fitness+Exercise ActivitiesRunners
Fitness+Exercise ActivitiesSkateboarders
Fitness+Exercise ActivitiesSkiers+Snowboarders
Fitness+Exercise ActivitiesSoccer Players
Fitness+Exercise ActivitiesSoftball Players
Fitness+Exercise ActivitiesSwimmers
Fitness+Exercise ActivitiesTennis Players
Fitness+Exercise ActivitiesVolleyball Players
Fitness+Exercise ActivitiesWalkers
Fitness+Exercise ActivitiesWeightlifters
Goals for Next 12 MonthsWant to be greener
Goals for Next 12 MonthsWant to be more proactive about planning for retirement
Goals for Next 12 MonthsWant to become more spiritual (Spirituality Seekers)
Goals for Next 12 MonthsWant to Eat healthier
Goals for Next 12 MonthsWant to get a New job (Better Job Seekers)
Goals for Next 12 MonthsWant to get better sleep (Better Sleep Seekers)
Goals for Next 12 MonthsWant to get organized
Goals for Next 12 MonthsWant to Improve their appearance
Goals for Next 12 MonthsWant to invest more
Goals for Next 12 MonthsWant to learn a new career skill
Goals for Next 12 MonthsWant to lose weight
Goals for Next 12 MonthsWant to move to a new apartment
Goals for Next 12 MonthsWant to move to a new city/market
Goals for Next 12 MonthsWant to reduce debt and/or increase savings
Goals for Next 12 MonthsWant to run/walk/bicycle in a race or charity event
Goals for Next 12 MonthsWant to spend more time with family
Goals for Next 12 MonthsWant to start a business
Goals for Next 12 MonthsWant to start a home improvement project that will increase the value of my home
Goals for Next 12 MonthsWant to Stop Smoking
Goals for Next 12 MonthsWant to take a course at a college/university for work or personal fulfillment
Goals for Next 12 MonthsWant to take up a new hobby
Goals for Next 12 MonthsWant to volunteer for a cause or charity
Internet+TechnologyAndroid App Users
Internet+TechnologyAndroid Smartphone Users
Internet+TechnologyAndroid Tablet Users
Internet+TechnologyAngie's List Users Searchers
Internet+TechnologyAugmented Reality Users
Internet+TechnologyBing Searchers
Internet+TechnologyBlackBerry Users
Internet+TechnologyBlog/Message Board Commenters
Internet+TechnologyCitysearch Users
Internet+TechnologyConsumerSearch Users
Internet+TechnologyE-commerce Shoppers
Internet+TechnologyE-reader Users
Internet+TechnologyEmail Newsletter Readers
Internet+TechnologyGoogle Searchers
Internet+TechnologyHeavy Internet Users Users
Internet+TechnologyiOS App Users
Internet+TechnologyiPad Users
Internet+TechnologyiPhone Users
Internet+TechnologyiPod Touch Users Users
Internet+TechnologyM-commerce Shoppers
Internet+TechnologyMac Users
Internet+TechnologyManta Users
Internet+TechnologyMapquest Users
Internet+TechnologyMerchant Circle Users
Internet+TechnologyMobile Video Watchers
Internet+TechnologyNewspaper App Users
Internet+TechnologyOnline auction bidders
Internet+TechnologyOnline Banking Customers
Internet+TechnologyOnline Bill Payers
Internet+TechnologyOnline Classifieds Users
Internet+TechnologyOnline Dating Service Members
Internet+TechnologyOnline Food Orderers
Internet+TechnologyOnline Game Players
Internet+TechnologyOnline Meeting/Webinar Participants
Internet+TechnologyOnline Students
Internet+TechnologyOnline Traders
Internet+TechnologyOnline Video Watchers
Internet+TechnologyPC Users
Internet+TechnologyQR Code Users
Internet+TechnologySmart TV Users
Internet+TechnologySmartphone App Purchasers
Internet+TechnologySmartphone Users (All)
Internet+TechnologySuperPages/DexKnows Users
Internet+TechnologyTelevision Station App Users
Internet+TechnologyTouchscreen Tablet Users
Internet+TechnologyTrip Advisor Users
Internet+TechnologyUrbanspoon Users
Internet+TechnologyWhite paper readers
Internet+TechnologyWindows Phone Users
Internet+TechnologyYahoo Users
Internet+TechnologyYP/ Users
Cable Television WatchersA+E Watchers
Cable Television WatchersABC Family Watchers
Cable Television WatchersAdult Swim Watchers
Cable Television WatchersAMC Watchers
Cable Television WatchersAnimal Planet Watchers
Cable Television WatchersAT&T UVerse or Verizon FIOS Subscribers
Cable Television WatchersAthletic Conference Network Watchers
Cable Television WatchersBET Watchers
Cable Television WatchersBiography Channel Watchers
Cable Television WatchersBravo Watchers
Cable Television WatchersCable business news watchers
Cable Television WatchersCable news watchers
Cable Television WatchersCable Television Subscribers
Cable Television WatchersCartoon Network Watchers
Cable Television WatchersCBS Sports Network Watchers
Cable Television WatchersCMT Watchers
Cable Television WatchersCNBC Watchers
Cable Television WatchersCNN en Espanol
Cable Television WatchersCNN Watchers
Cable Television WatchersComedy Central Watchers
Cable Television WatchersCooking Channel Watchers
Cable Television WatchersDiscovery Channel Watchers
Cable Television WatchersDiscovery Fit & Health Channel Watchers
Cable Television WatchersDisney Channel/Disney XD Watchers
Cable Television WatchersDIY Network Watchers
Cable Television WatchersE! Entertainment Television Watchers
Cable Television WatchersESPN Classic Watchers
Cable Television WatchersESPN Deportes Watchers
Cable Television WatchersESPN/ESPN2 Watchers
Cable Television WatchersESPNEWS Watchers
Cable Television WatchersESPNU Watchers
Cable Television WatchersFood Network Watchers
Cable Television WatchersFox Business Watchers
Cable Television WatchersFox News Watchers
Cable Television WatchersFox Sports 1 Watchers
Cable Television WatchersFOX Sports en Espa_ol Watchers
Cable Television WatchersFX/FXX Watchers
Cable Television WatchersG4 Watchers
Cable Television WatchersGAC: Great American Country Watchers
Cable Television WatchersGalavision Watchers
Cable Television WatchersGol TV Watchers
Cable Television WatchersGolf Channel Watchers
Cable Television WatchersGSN (Game Show Network) Watchers
Cable Television WatchersHallmark Channel Watchers
Cable Television WatchersHGTV Watchers
Cable Television WatchersHistory Channel Watchers
Cable Television WatchersHLN Watchers
Cable Television WatchersIFC Channel Watchers
Cable Television WatchersInternet TV Watchers
Cable Television WatchersLifetime Movie Network Watchers
Cable Television WatchersLifetime Watchers
Cable Television WatchersLogo Watchers
Cable Television WatchersMLB Network Watchers
Cable Television WatchersMSNBC Watchers
Cable Television WatchersMTV or MTV2 Watchers
Cable Television WatchersNational Geographic Channel Watchers
Cable Television WatchersNBA Network Watchers
Cable Television WatchersNBCSN Watchers
Cable Television WatchersNetflix or Hulu Watchers
Cable Television WatchersNFL Network Watchers
Cable Television WatchersNHL Network Watchers
Cable Television WatchersNickelodeon Watchers
Cable Television WatchersOutdoor Channel Watchers
Cable Television WatchersOWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) Watchers
Cable Television WatchersOxygen Watchers
Cable Television WatchersRegional News Network Watchers
Cable Television WatchersRegional Sports Network Watchers
Cable Television WatchersSatellite Television Subscribers
Cable Television WatchersScience Channel Watchers
Cable Television WatchersSpike TV Watchers
Cable Television WatchersSundance Channel Watchers
Cable Television WatchersSyfy Watchers
Cable Television WatchersTBS Watchers
Cable Television WatchersTelemundo Watchers
Cable Television WatchersTLC Watchers
Cable Television WatchersTNT Watchers
Cable Television WatchersTravel Channel Watchers
Cable Television WatcherstruTV Watchers
Cable Television WatchersTV Guide Network Watchers
Cable Television WatchersTV Land Watchers
Cable Television WatchersUSA Network Watchers
Cable Television WatchersVH1 Watchers
Cable Television WatchersWE: Women's Entertainment Watchers
Cable Television WatchersWeather Channel Watchers
Leisure InterestsAuction Participants (In-person not online)
Leisure InterestsBakers
Leisure InterestsBible/Devotional Readers
Leisure InterestsBingo Players
Leisure InterestsBook Readers
Leisure InterestsCar Mechanics/Restorers
Leisure InterestsChess/Board Game Players
Leisure InterestsComic Book/Graphic Novel Readers
Leisure InterestsCrafters and Scrapbookers
Leisure InterestsDo-It-Yourselfers
Leisure InterestsFashionistas (Clothing Shoes Handbags etc.)
Leisure InterestsFine Art/Antique Collectors
Leisure InterestsFoodies
Leisure InterestsFrequent Flyers
Leisure InterestsGamblers
Leisure InterestsGardeners
Leisure InterestsHistory Buffs
Leisure InterestsHome Decorators
Leisure InterestsHome Improvement/Restorers
Leisure InterestsKaraoke Lovers
Leisure InterestsLottery Players
Leisure InterestsMotorcyclists
Leisure InterestsMusicians (Playing an Instrument)
Leisure InterestsNature Lovers
Leisure InterestsParty Hosts/Attendees
Leisure InterestsPerforming Arts Fans
Leisure InterestsPhotographers
Leisure InterestsPoker/Card Players
Leisure InterestsPoliticos
Leisure InterestsPool/Billiards Players
Leisure InterestsSewers/Knitters/Needleworkers
Leisure InterestsSports Card and Memorabilia Collectors
Leisure InterestsStamp/Coin/Figurine/Non-Sports Memorabilia Collectors
Leisure InterestsTravelers (Abroad)
Leisure InterestsTravelers (Domestic)
Leisure InterestsVideo Gamers
Leisure InterestsWriters
Leisure InterestsYard Care+Landscaping Enthusiasts
Leisure InterestsZoo/Aquarium Members
MoviesAction-adventure Film Lovers
MoviesAnimated Movie Lovers
MoviesArt film Lovers
MoviesBiography Film Lovers
MoviesChick Flick Lovers
MoviesComedy Film Lovers
MoviesComic Book/Superhero Movie Lovers
MoviesCrime/Police/Spy Film Lovers
MoviesDocumentary Film Lovers
MoviesDrama Film Lovers
MoviesForeign Film Lovers
MoviesFrequent Movie Goers
MoviesHorror Film Lovers
MoviesIndependent/Arthouse Film Lovers
MoviesKids/Family Film Lovers
MoviesMovie Goers
MoviesMusical Film Lovers
MoviesMystery Film Lovers
MoviesPre-Show Entertainment Watchers
MoviesRomance Film Lovers
MoviesScience Fiction Film Lovers
MoviesSports Movie Lovers
MoviesThriller Film Lovers
MoviesWar Film Lovers
MoviesWestern Film Lovers
Newspapers+MagazinesAlternative/Nightlife Newspaper Readers
Newspapers+MagazinesAutomotive news/advertising readers
Newspapers+MagazinesBusiness News Readers
Newspapers+MagazinesCircular/Insert Readers
Newspapers+MagazinesCity/State Magazine Readers
Newspapers+MagazinesClassified advertising readers
Newspapers+MagazinesComics readers
Newspapers+MagazinesCommunity Newspaper Readers
Newspapers+MagazinesDigital Newspaper Readers
Newspapers+MagazinesDigital Newspaper Subscribers
Newspapers+MagazinesEditorial/opinion section readers
Newspapers+MagazinesEntertainment/lifestyle news Readers
Newspapers+MagazinesFashion/Style news readers
Newspapers+MagazinesFood/Cooking Section Readers
Newspapers+MagazinesHeavy Newspaper Readers (print only)
Newspapers+MagazinesHeavy Newspaper Readers (print)
Newspapers+MagazinesHome and garden news readers
Newspapers+MagazinesInternational/national news Readers
Newspapers+MagazinesLocal Newspaper Readers
Newspapers+MagazinesMagazine Readers
Newspapers+MagazinesMain News Section Readers
Newspapers+MagazinesMovie listings/reviews readers
Newspapers+MagazinesNational Newspaper Readers
Newspapers+MagazinesReal Estate Advertising Readers
Newspapers+MagazinesSports Section Readers
Newspapers+MagazinesTechnology/Science News Readers
Newspapers+MagazinesTV listings readers
Social MediaBrand Friends+Followers
Social MediaCharity Friends+Followers
Social or MyYearbook Users
Social MediaDigg Users
Social MediaFacebook Users
Social MediaFlickr Users
Social MediaFoursquare Users
Social MediaGetGlue Users
Social MediaGoogle Plus Users
Social MediaInstagram Users
Social MediaLinkedIn Users
Social MediaMySpace Users
Social MediaPhoto Sharers
Social MediaPinterest Users
Social MediaReddit Users
Social MediaShopkick Users
Social MediaSnapchat Users
Social MediaSocial Business Networkers
Social MediaSocial Contest Entrants
Social MediaSocial Game Players
Social MediaSocial Media Avoiders
Social MediaSocial Networkers
Social MediaSocial Shoppers
Social MediaTumblr Users
Social MediaTwitter users
Social MediaVideo Sharers
Social MediaVimeo Users
Social MediaVine Users
Social MediaWaze Users
Social MediaYelp Users
Social MediaYouTube Users
PetsCat Owners
PetsDog Owners
PetsPet Owners
PetsTropical Fish Owners
PetsWant to get a new pet in next 12 months
Radio Music+Podcasts80's Hit Music Lovers
Radio Music+PodcastsAlternative Rock Lovers
Radio Music+PodcastsAM/FM Radio Listeners
Radio Music+PodcastsBlues Lovers
Radio Music+PodcastsBroadway Music Lovers
Radio Music+PodcastsBusiness News Listeners
Radio Music+PodcastsChristian Contemporary/Rock Lovers
Radio Music+PodcastsClassic Rock Lovers
Radio Music+PodcastsClassical Music Lovers
Radio Music+PodcastsConsumer/Personal Finance Talk Listeners
Radio Music+PodcastsCountry Music Lovers
Radio Music+PodcastsDance/Electronic Music Lovers
Radio Music+PodcastsEasy Listening Music Lovers
Radio Music+PodcastsFarm/Agriculture Talk Listeners
Radio Music+PodcastsGospel Music Lovers
Radio Music+PodcastsHealth/Doctor Talk Listeners
Radio Music+PodcastsHeavy Radio Listeners
Radio Music+PodcastsHip Hop Lovers
Radio Music+PodcastsHome/Garden/Car Care Talk Listeners
Radio Music+PodcastsiHeart Radio Users
Radio Music+PodcastsInternet Radio Listeners
Radio Music+PodcastsiTunes Radio Users
Radio Music+PodcastsJazz Lovers
Radio Music+PodcastsLatin Music Lovers
Radio Music+PodcastsLight/Soft Rock Lovers
Radio Music+PodcastsNewscast Listeners
Radio Music+PodcastsNPR Listeners
Radio Music+PodcastsOldies Music Lovers
Radio Music+PodcastsPandora Users
Radio Music+PodcastsPodcast Listeners
Radio Music+PodcastsPolitical Talk Listeners
Radio Music+PodcastsPop/Top 40/Current Hit Music Lovers
Radio Music+PodcastsRadio Listeners (All)
Radio Music+PodcastsRelationship/Psychiatric Talk Listeners
Radio Music+PodcastsReligious Talk Listeners
Radio Music+PodcastsRock Lovers
Radio Music+PodcastsSatellite Radio Listeners
Radio Music+PodcastsShock Talk Listeners
Radio Music+PodcastsSoul/R+B Lovers
Radio Music+PodcastsSports Talk Listeners
Radio Music+PodcastsStandards/Big Bands Lovers
Radio Music+PodcastsTuneIn Radio Users
Radio Music+PodcastsWorld Music Lovers (Reggae Celtic etc.)
SportsAction/Extreme Sports Fans
SportsAuto Racing Fans
SportsBaseball Fans (MLB)
SportsBoxing Fans
SportsCollege Baseball Fans
SportsCollege Basketball Fans
SportsCollege Football Fans
SportsFantasy Sports Players
SportsFigure Skating Fans
SportsGolf Fans
SportsHigh School Sports Fans
SportsHockey Fans
SportsHorse Racing Fans
SportsHunting/Fishing/Outdoor Sports Fans
SportsMarch Madness Bracket Players
SportsMixed Martial Arts (MMA) Fans
SportsOlympic Sports Fans
SportsPoker Fans
SportsPro Basketball (NBA) Fans
SportsPro Football (NFL) Fans
SportsProfessional Wrestling Fans
SportsRodeo/Bullriding Fans
SportsSoccer Fans
SportsSports Fans
SportsSports Marketing Responders
SportsSports Play-by-Play Listeners
SportsSuper Bowl Party Hosts/Attendees
SportsTennis Fans
Television+VideoAwards show Watchers
Television+VideoCartoon Watchers
Television+VideoCelebrity News Show Watchers
Television+VideoComedy Show Watchers
Television+VideoCord Cutters
Television+VideoDaytime Drama/Soap Opera Watchers
Television+VideoDaytime Judge/Court Show Watchers
Television+VideoDaytime Talk Show Watchers
Television+VideoFood/Cooking Show Watchers
Television+VideoGame show watchers
Television+VideoHeavy Television Watchers
Television+VideoHome Shopping Watchers
Television+VideoLate Night Talk Show Watchers
Television+VideoLocal News Watchers
Television+VideoMorning news show watchers
Television+VideoNational Evening News Watchers
Television+VideoPolice/Detective/Mystery Watchers
Television+VideoPolitical Show Watchers
Television+VideoReality Show Watchers
Television+VideoReligious Show Watchers
Television+VideoScience Fiction Watchers
Television+VideoSocial TV Watchers
Television+VideoTalent Competition Watchers
Television+VideoTV Drama Watchers
Television+VideoTV Movie Watchers
Television+VideoTV Sports Watchers
Major AccountsA&W
Major AccountsAaron's
Major AccountsAcademy Sports + Outdoors
Major AccountsAce Hardware
Major AccountsAdvance Auto Parts
Major AccountsAldi
Major AccountsArby's
Major AccountsAshley Furniture
Major AccountsAutoZone
Major AccountsBarnes & Noble
Major AccountsBelk
Major AccountsBest Buy
Major AccountsBig Lots
Major AccountsBlimpie
Major AccountsBon-Ton Department Stores
Major AccountsBruegger's Bagels
Major AccountsBuffalo Wild Wings
Major AccountsBurger King
Major AccountsBurlington Coat Factory
Major AccountsChick-fil-A
Major AccountsChipotle
Major AccountsChurch's Chicken
Major AccountsCici's Pizza
Major AccountsCold Stone Creamery
Major AccountsCostco
Major AccountsCVS
Major AccountsDairy Queen
Major AccountsDenny's
Major AccountsDick's Sporting Goods
Major AccountsDillard's
Major AccountsDollar General
Major AccountsDollar Tree
Major AccountsDomino's
Major AccountsDunkin Donuts
Major AccountsFamily Dollar
Major AccountsFirehouse Subs
Major AccountsFive Guys
Major AccountsFry's Electronics
Major AccountsGameStop
Major AccountsGander Mountain
Major AccountsGNC
Major AccountsHardees
Major AccountsHaverty's
Major AccountsHobby Lobby
Major AccountsHome Depot
Major AccountsHungry Howie's
Major AccountsJack in the Box
Major AccountsJCPenney
Major AccountsJersey Mike's Subs
Major AccountsJiffy Lube
Major AccountsJimmy John's
Major AccountsKFC
Major AccountsKmart
Major AccountsKohl's
Major AccountsKrispy Kreme
Major AccountsKroger
Major AccountsLa-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries
Major AccountsLowe's Home Improvement
Major AccountsMacy's
Major AccountsMarshall's
Major AccountsMcDonald's
Major AccountsMenard's
Major AccountsMichael's
Major AccountsMidas
Major AccountsNAPA Auto Parts
Major AccountsNordstrom
Major AccountsO'Reilly Auto Parts
Major AccountsOffice Depot
Major AccountsOfficeMax
Major AccountsOld Navy
Major AccountsOlive Garden
Major AccountsPanera Bread
Major AccountsPapa John's
Major AccountsPep Boys
Major AccountsPetco
Major AccountsPetsmart
Major AccountsPier 1 Imports
Major AccountsPizza Hut
Major AccountsPlay It Again Sports
Major AccountsPublix
Major AccountsRadioshack
Major AccountsRed Lobster
Major AccountsRite Aid
Major AccountsRooms to Go
Major AccountsRoss Stores
Major AccountsSafeway
Major AccountsSam's Club
Major AccountsSears
Major AccountsSherwin-Williams
Major AccountsSonic
Major AccountsSports Authority (The)
Major AccountsStaples
Major AccountsStarbucks
Major AccountsSteak n Shake
Major AccountsStein Mart
Major AccountsSubway
Major AccountsTalbots
Major AccountsTarget
Major AccountsTim Hortons
Major AccountsTJ Maxx
Major AccountsToys R Us
Major AccountsTractor Supply Company
Major AccountsTrue Value Hardware
Major AccountsWalgreen's
Major AccountsWalmart
Major AccountsWendy's
Major AccountsZaxby's
Vehicle OwnershipAcura Owners
Vehicle OwnershipAcura Shoppers
Vehicle OwnershipAudi Owners
Vehicle OwnershipAudi Shoppers
Vehicle OwnershipBMW Owners
Vehicle OwnershipBMW Shoppers
Vehicle OwnershipBuick Owners
Vehicle OwnershipBuick Shoppers
Vehicle OwnershipCadillac Owners
Vehicle OwnershipCadillac Shoppers
Vehicle OwnershipChevrolet Owners
Vehicle OwnershipChevrolet Shoppers
Vehicle OwnershipChrysler Owners
Vehicle OwnershipChrysler Shoppers
Vehicle OwnershipConvertible Shoppers
Vehicle OwnershipCrossover Shoppers
Vehicle OwnershipDodge Owners
Vehicle OwnershipDodge Shoppers
Vehicle OwnershipFiat Shoppers
Vehicle OwnershipFord Owners
Vehicle OwnershipFord Shoppers
Vehicle OwnershipGMC Owners
Vehicle OwnershipGMC Shoppers
Vehicle OwnershipHonda Owners
Vehicle OwnershipHonda Shoppers
Vehicle OwnershipHybrid/Electric Car Owners
Vehicle OwnershipHybrid/Electric Car Shoppers
Vehicle OwnershipHyundai Owners
Vehicle OwnershipHyundai Shoppers
Vehicle OwnershipInfiniti Owners
Vehicle OwnershipInfiniti Shoppers
Vehicle OwnershipJaguar Owners
Vehicle OwnershipJaguar Shoppers
Vehicle OwnershipJeep Owners
Vehicle OwnershipJeep Shoppers
Vehicle OwnershipKia Owners
Vehicle OwnershipKia Shoppers
Vehicle OwnershipLand Rover/Range Rover Owners
Vehicle OwnershipLand Rover/Range Rover Shoppers
Vehicle OwnershipLexus Owners
Vehicle OwnershipLexus Shoppers
Vehicle OwnershipLincoln Owners
Vehicle OwnershipLincoln Shoppers
Vehicle OwnershipLuxury Car Owners
Vehicle OwnershipLuxury Car Shoppers
Vehicle OwnershipMazda Owners
Vehicle OwnershipMazda Shoppers
Vehicle OwnershipMercedes-Benz Owners
Vehicle OwnershipMercedes-Benz Shoppers
Vehicle OwnershipMINI Owners
Vehicle OwnershipMINI Shoppers
Vehicle OwnershipMinivan Shoppers
Vehicle OwnershipMitsubishi Owners
Vehicle OwnershipMitsubishi Shoppers
Vehicle OwnershipNissan Owners
Vehicle OwnershipNissan Shoppers
Vehicle OwnershipOldsmobile Owners
Vehicle OwnershipPickup Truck Owners
Vehicle OwnershipPickup Truck Shoppers
Vehicle OwnershipPontiac Owners
Vehicle OwnershipPorsche Owners
Vehicle OwnershipPorsche Shoppers
Vehicle OwnershipRAM Truck Owners
Vehicle OwnershipRV Owners
Vehicle OwnershipSaturn Owners
Vehicle OwnershipScion Owners
Vehicle OwnershipScion Shoppers
Vehicle OwnershipSmart Brand Shoppers
Vehicle OwnershipSports Car Owners
Vehicle OwnershipSports Car Shoppers
Vehicle OwnershipSubaru Owners
Vehicle OwnershipSubaru Shoppers
Vehicle OwnershipSUV Shoppers
Vehicle OwnershipSUV/Crossover Owners
Vehicle OwnershipSuzuki Car Owners
Vehicle OwnershipTesla Shoppers
Vehicle OwnershipToyota Owners
Vehicle OwnershipToyota Shoppers
Vehicle OwnershipVan Owners
Vehicle OwnershipVolkswagen Owners
Vehicle OwnershipVolkswagen Shoppers
Vehicle OwnershipVolvo Owners
Vehicle OwnershipVolvo Shoppers
WorkplaceCommuters: 20-60 Minutes One-Way
WorkplaceCommuters: 60+ Minutes One-Way
WorkplaceCommuters: Bicycle to Workplace
WorkplaceCommuters: Bus to Workplace
WorkplaceCommuters: Less than 20 Minutes One-Way
WorkplaceCommuters: Train or Subway to Workplace
WorkplaceCommuters: Walk to Workplace
WorkplaceEmployees Working from Home
WorkplaceExecutive Managers
WorkplaceFrequent Business Travelers
WorkplaceFull-time Homemakers
WorkplaceSmall Business Owners
Potential SwitchersPotential Apartment Switchers
Potential SwitchersPotential Attorney Switchers
Potential SwitchersPotential Bank Switchers
Potential SwitchersPotential Cable/Satellite TV Switchers
Potential SwitchersPotential Credit Card Switchers
Potential SwitchersPotential Dentist Switchers
Potential SwitchersPotential Doctor Switchers
Potential SwitchersPotential Dry Cleaner Switchers
Potential SwitchersPotential Eye Doctor/Optometrist Switchers
Potential SwitchersPotential Financial Planner Switchers
Potential SwitchersPotential Gym/Health Club Switchers
Potential SwitchersPotential Hair Stylist Switchers
Potential SwitchersPotential Insurance Agent Switchers
Potential SwitchersPotential Internet Provider Switchers
Potential SwitchersPotential Mobile/Wireless Network Switchers
Sales IntentAntique Sellers
Sales IntentArtwork Sellers
Sales IntentBlood or Blood Plasma Sellers
Sales IntentBoat Sellers
Sales IntentBook/Comic Book Sellers
Sales IntentChildren's Clothing Sellers
Sales IntentCoin Sellers
Sales IntentConsignment Sellers
Sales IntentConsumer Electronics Sellers
Sales IntentFurniture Sellers
Sales IntentGold Jewelry Sellers
Sales IntentGun Sellers
Sales IntentInvestment Property or Second Home Sellers
Sales IntentMotorcycle/ATV Sellers
Sales IntentMusical Instrument Sellers
Sales IntentSporting Goods Sellers
Sales IntentSports Card/Memorabilia Sellers
Sales IntentTime Share Sellers
Sales IntentUsed Car/Truck Sellers
Purchase IntentArt Supply Shoppers
Purchase IntentAthletic Footwear Shoppers
Purchase IntentBicycle Shoppers
Purchase IntentBoat/Watercraft Shoppers
Purchase IntentCamera/Video Camera Shoppers
Purchase IntentCandy/Chocolate Shop Shoppers
Purchase IntentCollectibles Shoppers
Purchase IntentComputer Shoppers
Purchase IntentCosmetics Shoppers
Purchase IntentDiet/Weight Loss Program Shoppers
Purchase IntentE-cigarette Shoppers
Purchase IntentElective Surgery Shoppers
Purchase IntentFarm Tractor Shoppers
Purchase IntentFashion Accessories Shoppers
Purchase IntentFireworks Shoppers
Purchase IntentFloral Shoppers
Purchase IntentGolf Club/Equipment Shoppers
Purchase IntentGreeting Card Shoppers
Purchase IntentGun/Firearm Shoppers
Purchase IntentHoliday Light Installation/Removal Shoppers
Purchase IntentHome Heating Oil Shoppers
Purchase IntentHome Security/Alarm Service Customers
Purchase IntentLASIK Surgery Shoppers
Purchase IntentLawn Tractor Shoppers
Purchase IntentLikely Accounting/Tax Service Clients
Purchase IntentLikely Addiction Treatment Patients
Purchase IntentLikely Allergist Patients
Purchase IntentLikely Amusement Park Patrons
Purchase IntentLikely Antique Buyers
Purchase IntentLikely Auto Insurance Policy Buyers
Purchase IntentLikely Auto Repair Customers
Purchase IntentLikely Awning/Canopy Buyers
Purchase IntentLikely Baby/Infant Apparel or Supply Buyers
Purchase IntentLikely Barbecue Grill Buyers
Purchase IntentLikely Basement Waterproofing or Renovation Customers
Purchase IntentLikely Beach Vacationers
Purchase IntentLikely Bedding/Mattress Buyers
Purchase IntentLikely Bedroom Furniture Buyers
Purchase IntentLikely Body Massage Clients
Purchase IntentLikely Car Wash/Detailing Customers
Purchase IntentLikely Cardiologist Patients
Purchase IntentLikely Carpet/Chimney/Duct/WIndow Cleaning Customers
Purchase IntentLikely Carpet/Flooring Buyers
Purchase IntentLikely Casino Guests
Purchase IntentLikely Childcare/Daycare Customers
Purchase IntentLikely Children's Apparel Buyers
Purchase IntentLikely Chiropractic Patients
Purchase IntentLikely College Tuition Buyers
Purchase IntentLikely Concierge Services Clients
Purchase IntentLikely Contact Lens Buyers
Purchase IntentLikely Cosmetic Surgery Patients
Purchase IntentLikely Craft/Sewing Supply Buyers
Purchase IntentLikely Cruise Vacationers
Purchase IntentLikely Day Spa Clients
Purchase IntentLikely Dental Patients
Purchase IntentLikely Dermatologist Patients
Purchase IntentLikely Dining Room Furniture Buyers
Purchase IntentLikely Domestic Vacationers
Purchase IntentLikely Driving Instruction Buyers
Purchase IntentLikely Dry Cleaning Customers
Purchase IntentLikely E-reader Buyers
Purchase IntentLikely Eldercare/Nursing Home Shoppers
Purchase IntentLikely Electrical Service/Repair Customers
Purchase IntentLikely Event Photography Service Clients
Purchase IntentLikely Eyecare Patients
Purchase IntentLikely Eyeglass Buyers
Purchase IntentLikely Facial Clients
Purchase IntentLikely Family Planning Patients
Purchase IntentLikely Fence/Gate Buyers
Purchase IntentLikely Financial/Retirement Planning Clients
Purchase IntentLikely Fine Art/Framing Buyers
Purchase IntentLikely Foot Doctor Patients
Purchase IntentLikely Foreign Vacationers
Purchase IntentLikely Funeral/Final Expenses Purchasers
Purchase IntentLikely Furniture Refinishing/Repair Customers
Purchase IntentLikely Gambling Entertainment Spenders
Purchase IntentLikely Gold or Silver Buyers
Purchase IntentLikely Gutter Cleaning/Protection Customers
Purchase IntentLikely Hair Coloring or Permanent Clients
Purchase IntentLikely Hair Cut/Styling Clients
Purchase IntentLikely Hair Restoration or Transplant Clients
Purchase IntentLikely Handyman Service Customers
Purchase IntentLikely Hardwood Floor Refinishing Customers
Purchase IntentLikely Health Club Members (new or existing)
Purchase IntentLikely Heating Oil Customers
Purchase IntentLikely High-Definition TV Buyers
Purchase IntentLikely High-speed Internet Service Buyers
Purchase IntentLikely Home Buyers
Purchase IntentLikely Home Medical Service Customers
Purchase IntentLikely Home Remodelers
Purchase IntentLikely Home Window Buyers
Purchase IntentLikely Home/Renters Insurance Policy Buyers
Purchase IntentLikely Hot Tub Buyers
Purchase IntentLikely HVAC Buyers
Purchase IntentLikely Hypnosis Patients
Purchase IntentLikely Investment Property Buyers
Purchase IntentLikely Jewelry Buyers
Purchase IntentLikely Landscaping Customers
Purchase IntentLikely Laser Hair Removal Clients
Purchase IntentLikely Lawn Service Customers
Purchase IntentLikely Legal Clients
Purchase IntentLikely Lessons/Instructions for a hobby or sport
Purchase IntentLikely Life Insurance Policy Buyers
Purchase IntentLikely Limousine Service Customers
Purchase IntentLikely Living Room Furniture Buyers
Purchase IntentLikely Lottery Ticket Buyers
Purchase IntentLikely Maid Service Customers
Purchase IntentLikely Major Kitchen Appliance Buyers
Purchase IntentLikely Major Laundry Appliance Buyers
Purchase IntentLikely Manicure/Pedicure Clients
Purchase IntentLikely Medical Insurance Buyers
Purchase IntentLikely Men's Apparel Buyers
Purchase IntentLikely Mortgage Refinancing Clients
Purchase IntentLikely Museum Visitors
Purchase IntentLikely Neurologist Patients
Purchase IntentLikely OB/GYN Patients
Purchase IntentLikely Oil Change/Routine Automotive Maintenance Customers
Purchase IntentLikely Orthodontic Patients
Purchase IntentLikely Orthopedic Patients
Purchase IntentLikely Painting Service Customers
Purchase IntentLikely Patio Furniture Buyers
Purchase IntentLikely Personal Trainer Clients
Purchase IntentLikely Pet Daycare/Boarding Customers
Purchase IntentLikely Pet Grooming Customers
Purchase IntentLikely Physical Therapy Patients
Purchase IntentLikely Plumbing Services Customers
Purchase IntentLikely Portrait Buyers
Purchase IntentLikely PPV/Subscription Sports Buyers
Purchase IntentLikely Premium Movie Channel Buyers
Purchase IntentLikely Printing Services Customers
Purchase IntentLikely Psychologist/Conseling Patients
Purchase IntentLikely Roofing Buyers
Purchase IntentLikely Season Ticket Holders
Purchase IntentLikely Septic Service Customers
Purchase IntentLikely Ski Resort Customers
Purchase IntentLikely Smart TV Device Buyers
Purchase IntentLikely State/National Park Visitors
Purchase IntentLikely Staycationers
Purchase IntentLikely Stereo/Home Audio Buyers
Purchase IntentLikely Stock Traders
Purchase IntentLikely Streaming Music Service Subscribers
Purchase IntentLikely Streaming Video Service Subscribers
Purchase IntentLikely Suit/Professional Apparel Buyers
Purchase IntentLikely Swimming Pool Buyers
Purchase IntentLikely Tanning Clients
Purchase IntentLikely Tattoo Parlor Customers
Purchase IntentLikely Time Share/Vacation Club Clients
Purchase IntentLikely Touchscreen Tablet Buyers
Purchase IntentLikely Travel Planning Clients
Purchase IntentLikely Tutoring Service Customers
Purchase IntentLikely Uniform/Work Apparel or Footwear Shoppers
Purchase IntentLikely Urologist Patients
Purchase IntentLikely Veterinary Patients
Purchase IntentLikely Video Game Console Buyers
Purchase IntentLikely Waste Removal Services Customers
Purchase IntentLikely Wedding Planners
Purchase IntentLikely Wedding/Honeymoon Consultant Clients
Purchase IntentLikely Window Coverings/Drapes/Blinds Shoppers
Purchase IntentLikely Windshield Repair/Replacement Customers
Purchase IntentLikely Women's Apparel Buyers
Purchase IntentLikely Zoo Patrons
Purchase IntentLingerie Shoppers
Purchase IntentLiquor Store Shoppers
Purchase IntentMaternity Wear Shoppers
Purchase IntentMotorcycle/ATV Shoppers
Purchase IntentNatural Gas Shoppers
Purchase IntentNew Car/Truck Shoppers
Purchase IntentOffice Equipment/Furniture/Supply Shoppers
Purchase IntentOutdoor Power Equipment Shoppers
Purchase IntentParty Supply Shoppers
Purchase IntentPerfume/Cologne Shoppers
Purchase IntentPropane Shoppers
Purchase IntentPurse/Handbag Shoppers
Purchase IntentRV/Camper Shoppers
Purchase IntentSign/Banner Shoppers
Purchase IntentSmartphone Shoppers
Purchase IntentSporting Goods Shoppers
Purchase IntentThift Shop Shoppers
Purchase IntentTire Shoppers
Purchase IntentUsed Car/Truck Shoppers
Purchase IntentWestern Wear or Boot Shoppers
Purchase IntentWine Shop Customers

Our national consumer study provides reports on nearly 1,000 target audiences through AdMall for Agencies. Media companies can access AudienceSCAN data through the Audience Intelligence Reports on AdMall PRO.

AudienceSCAN provides vital insights on hundreds of digital and traditional media audiences, plus 100+ Major/National Account Customer Profiles and nearly 240 products/services of Purchase Intent.