Including Healthcare, Exercise and Fitness, Nutrition, Spirituality

Primary CategoryAudience
Health+WellnessChronic Pain Sufferers
Health+WellnessDrug Store Shoppers
Health+WellnessFood Allergy Sufferers
Health+WellnessCancer research/prevention supporters
Health+WellnessFitness Club/Gym Members
Health+WellnessGolf/Tennis/Swimming/Country Club Members
Health+WellnessHealth+Disease Charity Supporters (non-Cancer)
Health+WellnessBottled Water Drinkers
Health+WellnessMilk Drinkers
Health+WellnessHealth Fair/Expo Attendees
Health+WellnessAerobics/Fitness Class Members
Health+WellnessBasketball Players
Health+WellnessHockey Players
Health+WellnessHorseback Riders
Health+WellnessHunting/Shooting Sports Enthusiasts
Health+WellnessIce/Roller Skaters
Health+WellnessMartial Artists
Health+WellnessRock Climbers
Health+WellnessSoccer Players
Health+WellnessSoftball Players
Health+WellnessTennis Players
Health+WellnessVolleyball Players
Health+WellnessWant to get better sleep (Better Sleep Seekers)
Health+WellnessWant to get organized
Health+WellnessWant to Improve their appearance
Health+WellnessWant to invest more
Health+WellnessWant to learn a new career skill
Health+WellnessWant to lose weight
Health+WellnessWant to run/walk/bicycle in a race or charity event
Health+WellnessWant to spend more time with family
Health+WellnessWant to start a business
Health+WellnessWant to Stop Smoking
Health+WellnessWant to volunteer for a cause or charity
Lifestyle InterestsCause Marketing Responders
Lifestyle InterestsCoffee Drinkers
Lifestyle InterestsEnergy Drink Consumers
Lifestyle InterestsSmoothie/Fruit Juice Drinkers
Lifestyle InterestsSports Drink Consumers
Lifestyle InterestsTea Drinkers
Lifestyle InterestsWine Drinkers
Lifestyle InterestsCatholics
Lifestyle InterestsChristians
Lifestyle InterestsJewish
Lifestyle InterestsMormons
Lifestyle InterestsBible/Devotional Readers
Lifestyle InterestsCommuters: Bicycle to Workplace
Lifestyle InterestsCommuters: Walk to Workplace
Media UsageDiscovery Fit & Health Channel Watchers
Media UsageHealth/Doctor Talk Listeners
Media UsageReligious Show Watchers
Purchase IntentAcademy Lifestyle Interests + Outdoors Customers
Purchase IntentCVS Customers
Purchase IntentDick's Sporting Goods Customers
Purchase IntentGander Mountain Customers
Purchase IntentSportsmart Customers
Purchase IntentPlay It Again Sports Customers
Purchase IntentRite Aid Customers
Purchase IntentSports Authority Customers
Purchase IntentWalgreen's Customers
Purchase IntentPotential Dentist Switchers
Purchase IntentPotential Doctor Switchers
Purchase IntentPotential Eye Doctor/Optometrist Switchers
Purchase IntentPotential Gym/Health Club Switchers
Purchase IntentBlood or Blood Plasma Sellers
Purchase IntentAthletic Footwear Shoppers
Purchase IntentBicycle Shoppers
Purchase IntentDiet/Weight Loss Program Shoppers
Purchase IntentE-cigarette Shoppers
Purchase IntentElective Surgery Shoppers
Purchase IntentGolf Club/Equipment Shoppers
Purchase IntentLASIK Surgery Shoppers
Purchase IntentLikely Addiction Treatment Patients
Purchase IntentLikely Allergist Patients
Purchase IntentLikely Body Massage Clients
Purchase IntentLikely Cardiologist Patients
Purchase IntentLikely Childcare/Daycare Customers
Purchase IntentLikely Chiropractic Patients
Purchase IntentLikely Contact Lens Buyers
Purchase IntentLikely Cosmetic Surgery Patients
Purchase IntentLikely Day Spa Clients
Purchase IntentLikely Dental Patients
Purchase IntentLikely Dermatologist Patients
Purchase IntentLikely Eldercare/Nursing Home Shoppers
Purchase IntentLikely Eyecare Patients
Purchase IntentLikely Eyeglass Buyers
Purchase IntentLikely Facial Clients
Purchase IntentLikely Family Planning Patients
Purchase IntentLikely Foot Doctor Patients
Purchase IntentLikely Health Club Members (new or existing)
Purchase IntentLikely Home Medical Service Customers
Purchase IntentLikely Hypnosis Patients
Purchase IntentLikely Laser Hair Removal Clients
Purchase IntentLikely Life Insurance Policy Buyers
Purchase IntentLikely Health Insurance Buyers
Purchase IntentLikely Neurologist Patients
Purchase IntentLikely OB/GYN Patients
Purchase IntentLikely Orthodontic Patients
Purchase IntentLikely Orthopedic Patients
Purchase IntentLikely Personal Trainer Clients
Purchase IntentLikely Physical Therapy Patients
Purchase IntentLikely Psychologist/Conseling Patients
Purchase IntentLikely Urologist Patients
Purchase IntentLikely Veterinary Patients