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35% of Network Radio Listeners are Age 55+

Nielsen reports that U.S. consumers continue to engage with traditional radio at a high rate. Over 91.5% of U.S. folks over age 12 tune into radio every week. The Nielsen RADAR report is based on inputs from both the Portable People Meter (PPM) and Diary data....

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Chiropractors Teaming with Employers to Deliver Services

Employers are focused on findings ways to reduce their healthcare-related costs. This is especially true as the Affordable Care Act mandates what employers must offer to their employees. The new Impact of Chiropractic Services at an On-Site Health Center report finds that employers can reduce some of their healthcare-related costs by offering onsite access to chiropractors....

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Consumers Show Readiness for Social Shopping

With U.S. social commerce sales expected to reach $14 billion by 2015, and social networks like Twitter and Facebook ramping up their commerce capabilities, a new survey commissioned by DigitasLBi, a global marketing and technology agency, and conducted online by Harris Poll shows that while only 5% of Americans have made a purchase on a social media site, 20% would consider doing so. ...

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Energy Drink Fans Drive C-Store Sales

Earlier this year, Mintel reported that U.S. consumers continue to reach for energy drinks. The market, comprised of both drinks and shots, is worth over $12 billion annually. C-stores continue to hold onto a significant share of the retail sales (50%) in this category as they target the core audiences for these beverages....

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Farmers/Ranchers Using Social Media

There’s no getting around the fact that farming and ranching is a hands-on profession. Consumers who make a living this way may not spend as much time in front of a computer as stock traders or financial analysts. However, a survey conducted by Truffle Media networks shows that farmers and ranchers do use social media....

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LGBT Consumers Spend on Performing Arts, Vacations.

The latest annual survey of the LGBT Community from Community Marketing & Insights finds that these consumers are feeling positive about their economic prospects in the year ahead. LGBT adults have money to spend and they’ve got a higher than average interest in specific categories such as performing arts and vacations. Marketers should be aware that this community continues to evolve and that specific marketing terms will work best when connecting with them....

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