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Younger Consumers Support Education-Related Causes

Charitable donations rose in 2013, the first growth seen since the 2008 recession. But of course, measurements like this typically track monetary giving - just one of the ways Americans, and people the world over, can contribute to causes they believe in. Broadening the scope to all types of giving, a recent Harris Poll finds that nine out of ten Americans (91%) have made some sort of contribution within the past two to three years, with money only the second...

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More Horse Owners Practicing Natural Horsemanship

While dogs and cats may be the most commonly found pets in most U.S. households, the market for horses is growing. Packaged Facts reports that the U.S. equine market is worth at least $23 billion. The broader use of horses in recreation and the trend toward natural horsemanship are opening new marketing possibilities for equine-related products....

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Auto Buyers Need More Education on Connected-Car Features

42% of car owners (those with a 2009 model or later, who are also in the market for a new vehicle), have heard of Connected Cars but don't really know what they do. Additionally, with cyber crimes and data breaches dominating the news, two-thirds (65%) of car owners say they fear owning a Connected Car could compromise their privacy. These are findings from the recently released 2014 Harris Poll AutoTECHCASTSM study, an annual study of consumer awareness and adoption of...

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Empty Nest Prompts Relocation Urge in Dads

RetailMeNot has announced the latest edition of its Shoppers Trend Report, which found that parents aren't wasting time moving on with their lives after their kids leave the nest. As parents prepare to send their kids away to college for the first time, they'll likely experience a range of emotions once the boxes are packed and the house is left quiet. But the survey found that after the tears go away, parents are just as ready as their kids to start...

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Automakers Struggle to Satisfy Consumer Demand for Third-Row Seats

Automakers are building third-row seats into more models these days. J.D. Power, in its 2014 Seat Quality and Satisfaction StudySM, notes that more mass market trucks and vans, along with compact SUV/MPV vehicles are equipped with third-row seats. However, in meeting this demand, automakers are not always winning high marks from consumers....

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Women Seeking New Footwear Brands, Styles

Although U.S. women’s footwear growth has been somewhat subdued during the past two years, there have been considerable changes in the brand landscape, attributed to the fact that women are more concerned not only with comfort and quality, but style over brand when shopping for footwear, according to Women’s Footwear Brand Focus Study 2014, the latest report from global information provider, The NPD Group....

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